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so my iPhoto just self-destructed and deleted all of my work/photography. I took a xanax two hours ago so at least it’s kind of impossible for me to freak out right now, but this fuckin sucks.

It’s weird to think I created this tumblr four years ago. Life is insane and confusing and heart breaking and beautiful and it’s crazy to see how my life, emotions, friendships, and thoughts have evolved since 9th grade when I made this thing. I’m leaving for college in 5 weeks and can’t say this sight means much of anything to me anymore other than scrolling through when I’m stoned. But looking through my archive today just really made me think. Life is ever-changing, and if there’s a solid piece of advice I could give to anyone, it would be to write down your emotions and situations and feelings of your present mind and to stop writing it on the internet if you do. This site, our words and expressions could all disappear in a second. So could a journal, but a hard covered book that we can hold has more of a chance of staying with us to provide us with lessons like the ones I continue to learn by looking back on my archive and seeing how misplaced my concerns were about so many things.

Bout to take a really nice high shower